We are currently out of CDs and Chapbooks
there are some new MP3 files available on this site under music

CD Order Info

The philosophy behind the busker kibbutznik project is to keep it as give awayable as possible. So that means you can get a CD for whatever you can afford. It costs about $5 per CD+Chapbook unit to make so we suggest that you donate at least that much.

If you are really broke just do whatever you can (even if it means getting it for free). On the other hand, if you've got a little extra finances and really appreciate and enjoy busker kibbutznik you may want to think about pitching in a little more towards the cause to cover the folks who are more broke as well as things like giving away nearly 200 CDs at a Park District Youth Summer Day Camp show.

Checks and Money Orders should be made out to "Cornerstone Festival" as John Herrin worked the production and first run of CDs into the C-stone 2000 budget so we could have a nice full color package. Just put "busker kibbutznik fund" in the comment area. Like wise, if you want to use a credit card call 773-561-2450 extension 2087 and tell Marty (or whoever answers) that you want to use a credit card to donate to the busker kibbutznik fund. If we can defray the cost of the whole project even a little bit we may actually be able to do another disc sometime or do similar projects in the future. The main idea is to keep the focus on trying to communicate something meaningful through a variety of art styles without having to worry about if it's going to make money.

OK, so all that above is just interesting background info as we are out of CDs and chapbooks. all the music is freely available as MP3 files on this site as well as the poems/lyrics

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