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it's time to end sanctions on Iraq In the five years since the Persian Gulf War, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, "as many as 576,000 children have died as a result of sanctions imposed against Iraq by the United Nations Security Council." If the blockade continues, UNICEF officers say that 1.5 million more children will eventually suffer malnutrition or a variety of unchecked illnesses because the sanctions make antibiotics and other standard medicines impossible to get. We can no longer be party to this slaughter in the desert.

thoughts from Oscar Romero

The School Of The Americas -- training the world's oppressors


#Stop the massacres in Mexico!



#Speak out against the brutal pogram towards Chinese imigrants in Indonesia

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Derechos Human Rights Orginization fight for Human Rights

The Persecuted Church

Human Rights Library

Amnesty International Amnesty International

Peace Action Network

Feminists for Life speak out

Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness

Make your voice heard, here's how to contact congressmen

Boycott Nike actually well thought out and solution oriented, no knee-jerk reactiomism here.

Center for World Indigenous Studies
a great information resource site

Australian Aboriginal Rights

The Aboriginal peoples of Australia finally gained official recognition a couple decades ago after a long history of repression. recently Aboriginal art and culture has become a hip thing. While this is great for recognition of the people it is dangerous in that many a shrewd business person would try to exploit these people and their culture to the fullest extreme to make a buck. And Civil Rights for Aboriginals is still a growing process, some good has been done, much more is left undone and oppression is still not unheard of.
Most recently the issue of land use rights has been hotly debated. Who really has the right to the land? There is also a growing political party who'd like to see Aboriginal land rights abolished all together. So it's far from over and a very complex issue.
Here's some links with good information to get you started.

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